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Concussions are one of the most serious issues facing our youth today, affecting one in five high school athletes nationwide. We must all be educated and engaged for the safety and well-being of our youth.

After hundreds of hours of research, six months of production, and thousands of hours of testing, TeachAids created CrashCourse. This concussion education platform provides students, parents, and coaches with the latest medical knowledge on prevention and treatment for brain injuries. The 12-minute CrashCourse film is interactive and integrates the latest in digital technologies to reach young athletes.

HitCheck has partnered with TeachAids, a nonprofit leader in global education innovation, to distribute free state-of-the-art concussion education and offer a Certificate of Completion for all athletes within our community.

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Q: A concussion is only serious if the athlete blacks out?

Many serious concussions happen without blacking out. At least 9 out of 10 people do not black out from a concussion. Symptoms at the time of a concussion do not indicate the severity of the injury.

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